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Sujok Therapist & Acupressure Specialist in India

About Healer Nisha

Course Information Place Date
Basic Acupressure Course Vadodara May 2002
Advance Acupressure Course Vadodara Sep.2002
Super-Advance Acupressure Allahabad Dec.2002
Short Term Course M.S.University Vadodara Oct.2003
5th National Conference Allahabad Dec.2003
Smile Level One with “Prof.PARK JAEWOO” (Founder of Sujok Acupressure) Allahabad Dec.2003
Ayurvedic Acupressure Vadodara Oct.2004
IGNOU Certificate in Acupressure Ahmedabad Oct.2012
IGNOU Diploma in Acupressure Ahmedabad June 2014
Ear Auricular Acupuncture Ahmedabad Feb. 2019


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