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About Insurance

The day-to-day human activities involve various risks. With the rise in consumerism, insurance needs have spread to be at par with increasing risks. Nowadays, the insurance companies provide assortment of risk coverage starting from vehicles, general to travel etc. The insurance companies willingly cater to the elevated demands and offer an assortment of coverage for almost anything under the sun.

Hence, envisaging the insurance business industry as a Sunrise Industry, Kenils Group has stepped into this flourishing market. Consequently, Kenils Group became a reality since 2007 with the promise of providing precise and genuine services to all clients. The comprehensive team of Kenils includes pro executives of insurance to handle claims.

Envisioning the Future :

In a world full of growing change, you require a dependable partner. Kenils is your insurance companion that dedicatedly values the time and money of their clients. We do almost anything to ensure our clients get the best insurance packages. We endeavor to offer the best possible and stress-free customer service, so we mail and even call to notify our clients one month before they have to pay their premium.

We strive for a long-term stability as we believe we can offer more. We know our expertise and experience to offer appropriate solutions to clients. Kenils meet variety of insurance needs – car, health, general, travel, bikes and also investments, child’s future and retirement planning. Our customer care executives provide the best advice to clients when they are faced with the challenge of choosing an insurance package that is best suited for them.

Determining Potential Reach :

We aspire to lead the insurance market in net worth and reserves, apart from premiums. Our operations span across Indian territories presenting insurance services to customers. We operate via various B2B avenues to participate in significant insurance schemes. Our business is offered via all forms of sectors.

Kenils group maintain an enduring relationship with all their clients. We develop insurance packages to let our clients invest in innovating cost-saving techniques. We craft perfect solutions to offer customers substantial relief from frauds.

Company Ideology :

Kenils Group aims to serve the largest masses and it is our business outlook. The organization’s continual focus is on addressing client’s needs, delivering rightfully to the undeserved sections of the society, growth and sustainability and encouraging clients to purchase the right package for over a decade. Our vision:

  • Create value and assist insurers.
  • Offer excellent and at par services.
  • Provide customer oriented packages.
  • Engage and collaborate with integrity.

Kenils Group follows the parameters of Insurance Industry to ensure customers with pleasant experiences. Our values are one of the most analytic elements that reflect the conduct of our organization. We have been spearheading design and implementing critical covers to our customers. Kenils Group strives to build a promising path for the future and emerge as India’s first independent Insurance Company dealing in Health Insurance, General Insurance, Car Insurance, Bike Insurance, Travel Insurance as well as Retirement and Child Future Planning and Investments. We are constantly improving our strength and policies to accommodate all kinds of clients.