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is sciatic pain treatment curable without surgery ?? 

is sciatic nerve pain treatment curable without surgery in Ahmedabad ??

Yes by sujok therapy or acupressure points treatment.

Usually sciatic pain can be relieved with a few days by rest. Sciatic pain usually resolves within a few weeks with these treatments, but there are exceptions. If the pain continues for more than a week, you should seek medical advice. Get to your primary pain management doctor or pain care clinic and hospital, but don’t assume you will need any surgery or operation. Surgery is also recommended for patients so impaired by pain that they have trouble walking or they cannot walk at all.

Typically Sciatic pain treatment happens when the second lowest vertebra in the spine L4 slips or grinds into the lowest one L5 and puts pressure on the nerve root. In addition to Sciatic pain, the pressure the L4 vertebra places upon L5 creates bone spurs.

In most cases, there are other options before we consider, like sujok therapy or acupressure points treatment, with is an alternative therapy for sciatica pain relief

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