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Knee Pain Alternative Treatment in Ahmedabad

Searching for alternatives to knee replacement surgery for elderly or young people, Healer Nisha in this YouTube video in hindi provide details of home remedy with natural cures and without medicine in Ahmedabad, Gujarat..



Alternative treatment for knee joint pain is very effective by sujok acupressure colour therapy and auricular ear treatment. It is a solution that can been done as home remedies and has no side effects.

It is very effective and get instance relief without exercises or oil. This colour therapy is simple and any Indian home has this sketch pen to do by yourself.

This ia an alternative medicine treatment given as sujok therapy points or acupressure point by magnet, seeds, number therapy, auricular ear acupuncture treatment points.

Refereed Names of this solution:
ghutno ke dard ka ilaj in hindi
ghutno ke dard ka ilaj youtube
ghutno ke dard ka ilaj batao
ghutno ke dard ka ilaj hindi mein
घुटने के दर्द के लिए घरेलू उपचार
घुटने के दर्द को करें जड़ से खत्म
घुटनों में कट कट की आवाज आना
घुटने का दर्द उपाय पतंजलि
घुटनों में गैप
घुटने की ग्रीस बढाने के उपाय

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