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Are you looking for a sujok therapist in Ahmedabad? If you are then you should know what qualities will make one the right professional for your needs. As life is stressful, Sujok offers simple seed therapies to alleviate pain at low cost rates. A good therapist will offer insight into the treatment and explain how various seeds are useful when used to pressurise the mereidain points on the palms and fingers.

Natural cure by pressure points

Even when one uses herbal supplements or Ayurveda remedies, there are pills and liquids to be consumed to get rid of illness. In case of Sujok therapy, nothing has to be taken internally. Hence, there are no precautions to be taken when going for this healing method. When you choose to consult a knowledgeable person offering treatment, the thrust will be on first diagnosing the pain and reason why it is hurting. This will help the sujok therapist in Ahmedabad to determine the kind of treatment required. The patient may have to come for repeated sessions if the pain has been there for long. To check the level of pain various points in the fingers are pressed in the right direction. Then the right kind of seeds will be used to put on these points. It is a natural cure and very safe.

How various seeds help in healing

A sujok therapist in Ahmedabad will choose round or even spherical shaped seeds to reduce pain in the eyes, knee joints, spinal column or head. For example, peas, black pepper, red kidney bean shaped seeds (for stomach and kidney disorders) are very effective in healing method for continuous time. When the pressure points are covered with these seeds for a long period, various pathological activities are activated to bring the body system back to life.

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