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What Causes Cervical Spondylosis

What Causes Cervical Spondylosis ?

Cervical spondylosis, also known as osteoarthritis of the neck, is a condition that is caused by degeneration of the cervical spine. The degeneration can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  1. Age-related wear and tear: Over time, the cervical spine can experience natural degeneration as a result of aging.
  2. Repetitive stress: Jobs or hobbies that require frequent or repetitive neck movements can cause wear and tear on the cervical spine.
  3. Poor posture: Poor posture, such as slouching or forward head posture, can cause strain on the neck and contribute to cervical spondylosis.
  4. Spinal injury: A neck injury, such as a fracture or herniated disc, can lead to cervical spondylosis.
  5. Genetics: Some people may be genetically predisposed to developing cervical spondylosis.

The symptoms of cervical spondylosis can include neck pain, stiffness, and numbness or weakness in the arms or hands. Treatment options for cervical spondylosis may include pain medication, physical therapy, hot/cold therapy, and in some cases, surgery. It is important to consult with a healthcare provider for an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

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